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Climate protection is our core competence.

Climate Austria offers sound expertise and professional support for your personal path to climate neutrality, relying on more than 25 years of experience in domestic and international climate protection projects.

Climate Austria managed by Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC)

The "Climate Austria" initiative was launched in 2008 as a joint project by the Ministry of the Environment, Austrian Airlines, Vienna Airport, and KPC. The latter is the economic sponsor and responsible manager.

In the spirit of maximum transparency, all activities are evaluated by third parties on a regular basis. For its domestic activities, Climate Austria receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Climate Action. In the area of air travel, Climate Austria collaborates with Austrian Airlines and Vienna Airport.

Transparent use of funds

Rigorous criteria apply for the use of your compensation payment. Upon receipt by KPC, the payment is transferred to a dedicated escrow account and is only paid out to climate protection projects after they have been successfully implemented.

Unsuccessful projects will be replaced with other qualified projects. Straightforward transparency rules apply to both the selection of projects and the dedicated use of your contribution.  

Transparency also means, among other things, that we publish all climate protection projects supported by Climate Austria on this website. International climate protection projects are additionally published on the official websites of the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard, or the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

We assign a CO2 emission factor to every energy source and use it for our calculation:

COemission = 
energy consumption x CO emission factor

The emissions calculator determines the CO2 emissions resulting from your activities as well as the amount required for compensation in climate protection projects:

Your contribution in euro = CO emissions x price

Average price per ton of CO2

Our portfolio strategy guarantees a well-balanced mix of regions and technologies for climate protection activities. Please note: different technologies at varying development stages in the project country lead to different abatement costs per ton of CO2.

This is why KPC's CO2 calculator uses an average price per ton of CO2. It is calculated on the basis of the abatement costs of all supported climate protection projects, taking into account standard market prices on the international CO2 market.