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Climate Austria by the numbers.

Since its foundation in 2008, Climate Austria has evolved into one of the leading compensation providers in Austria. All facts and figures reflect this successful development.

362.000 tons of CO2 offset!

  • 146,000 tons through projects in Austria

    From 2008 to 2021, environmentally mindful companies and individuals have partnered with Climate Austria to offset a total of 367,000 tons of CO2. Of these, 146,000 tons were achieved through investments in one of the approximately 317 projects in Austria. This accounts for 40% of the total compensation balance during this period.

    317 projects in Austria

    146.000 tons of CO2 offset

    40% of the overall portfolio

  • 221,000 tons through international projects

    Our 58 international projects account for around 60% of the overall portfolio. To date, emissions have been reduced by approximately 221,000. Energy efficiency projects account for the largest share, followed by hydroelectric power and wind power.

    58 international projects

    221.000 tons of CO2 offset

    60% of the overall portfolio

  • 317 projects in Austria

    Until 2021, exactly 317 projects were implemented in Austria. The majority, 122 projects, were dedicated to bioenergy (wood, solar), followed by 91 in the area of building insulation, 17 in efficient production and 87 in sustainable mobility.

  • 58 international climate protection projects

    Projects carried out outside Austria in the areas of efficient stoves, hydroelectric power, biodiversity, etc. stand out for their high environmental integrity and socio-economic benefits.

  • Associations benefit as well

    Your compensation payment not only benefits the climate. Climate Austria's support also benefits associations in the areas of sports, health, culture, and social affairs.

  • Information & awareness raising

    Climate Austria is also committed to informing the general public about the path to CO2 neutrality and highlighting interesting facts. For instance, did you know that exactly 6 m2 solar collectors are needed to avoid one ton of CO2?

More facts and figures, anyone?

In our annual report, you will find more information about the rewarding effects of your offsetting payments and how you are helping to positively shape the future of the world.

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