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Dear visitors!

It is the prime objective of the Kommunalkredit Group to act in accordance with the highest ethical principles in order to preserve and promote the integrity and lawful conduct of the Kommunalkredit Group.

Our actions are always guided by the highest possible level of transparency and commitment. The minimization of all risks, the increased protection of our assets, workforce, applicants, suppliers and other service providers, and the careful management of our reputation are therefore of particular importance. We are committed to rigorously combating fraud, money laundering and tax offenses in particular.

The whistleblowing system already in place enables us to maintain and further develop appropriate measures to support rule-compliant behavior. We therefore ask everyone to draw attention to actual or potential risks arising, for instance, from fraudulent conduct or white-collar crime, which could, as a consequence, harm the Kommunalkredit Group.

In general, we are legally obligated to inform the accused persons that we have received a tip about them as soon as this information no longer jeopardizes the follow-up of the tip. Your identity as a whistleblower will not be disclosed in this process - insofar as this is legally permissible.

We would therefore kindly ask you to report any indications of breaches of the rules, cases of fraud, criminal acts and damage to our reputation. Of course, we treat all reports strictly confidential, the anonymity of the source is guaranteed.

We appreciate your assistance!

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