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Vienna Stock Exchange is Climate Austria's new cooperation partner

Vienna Stock Exchange on the way to a CO2-neutral future

21. December 2021
2 min. Reading time

Through a cooperation with Climate Austria, the Vienna Stock Exchange is taking an important step towards protecting our climate. In addition to existing sustainability activities, unavoidable CO2 emissions will now be offset by supporting climate protection projects (75% Austrian, 25% international projects). According to Climate Austria, the projects meet the standard of domestic environmental support of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK). The international climate protection projects meet internationally recognised standards such as the Gold Standard.

"The capital market can make a decisive contribution on the way to a CO2-neutral future. By supporting climate protection projects, Wiener Börse as the central infrastructure of the Austrian capital market also contributes to the green transformation," says Andrea Herrmann, CFO of Wiener Börse AG.

Certified CO2-neutral company
The calculated CO2 compensation requirement amounted to 511 tonnes. The calculation basis for this was provided by the financial years 2019 or 2020, with the higher value being used in each case. These were mainly incurred in the areas of heating, electricity, coolant requirements and flights. In parallel to the efforts to reduce emissions, further calculations will be carried out annually in the future and the compensations adjusted.



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