Climate Austria is a product of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC). KPC is in charge of managing Climate Austria and relies on many years' experience with climate protection projects in Austria and abroad. A steering committee supervises the selection of projects and the use of funds. In an effort to ensure transparency, all activities of Climate Austria are regularly evaluated by an external third party. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism supports the activities of Climate Austria. Climate Austria works with Austrian Airlines and the Vienna Airport in matters related to CO2 offsetting due to air travel.

Use of funds

Your contribution will be held in a separate fiduciary account of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting who manages the operations of Climate Austria.

Your contribution to climate protection projects will be paid out only after the project in question has been successfully implemented. Should one of the climate protection projects we support not meet the agreed-on expectations, these climate protection projects will be replaced by other eligible climate protection projects.

Our guiding principle is maximum transparency, both in the selection of projects and in the efficient use of your contribution in line with your specifications. This transparency is reflected by the publication of all climate protection projects supported by Climate Austria on our website. International climate protection projects are additionally disclosed on the official website of the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard or the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Every energy source is matched with a CO2 emission factor that will be used for the calculation: CO2 emissions = energy consumption x CO2 emissions factor

The emissions calculator not only calculates the CO2 emissions caused by your activities, but also the amount required to offset it by investing in climate protection projects: your contribution in euro = CO2 emissions x price

This portfolio approach ensures that there will be a balanced mix of climate protection activities, both in terms of region and technology. The use of different technologies and the degree of development of these technologies in the host country of specific climate protection projects translate into varying levels of offsetting costs per ton of CO2. For the purpose of CO2 compensation under the Climate Austria initiative, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting guarantees, via the portfolio approach, a standard average price per ton of CO2 across all host countries and technologies. This price is calculated on the basis of the CO2 abatement costs of all supported climate protection projects while taking into consideration standard market prices on the international CO2 market. The CO2 calculator will then multiply this average price with the CO2 output of your activity, which will equal the contribution proposed by Climate Austria for the carbon offsetting of your electricity, heating or transportation needs.



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Facts & Figures

In the 12 years since Climate Austria was established, approximately 362,000 tonnes of CO2 have been offset. At the end of 2020, the national project portfolio comprised 300 projects that achieved emission reductions of 144,000 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime, i.e. 40 % of the total portfolio.

The international project portfolio, 60% of the total portfolio, amounts to 55 projects in 2020 with emission reductions of approximately 218,000 tonnes of CO2. Energy efficiency accounts for the largest share, followed by hydropower and wind power.

  • 300 implemented projects in Austria
  • Associations in the fields of sport, health, culture and social affairs benefit from Climate Austria's support
  • 55 international climate protection projects in countries outside Austria are characterised by high environmental integrity and socio-economic added value
  • To avoid one tonne of CO2, it is necessary, for example, to install 6 m2 of solar collectors or to save 370 l of heating oil or 3,100 kWh of electricity.

You can find more facts & figures in our annual report.