In addition to reducing CO2 emissions with energy efficiency measures and switching to electricity from 100 % renewable energy sources, the next logical step is the implementation of the "carbon-neutral net" by making a voluntary contribution to climate protection projects managed by Climate Austria. Thanks to this collaboration, A1 clients benefit from carbon-neutral use of the A1 network to make phone calls, surf the Internet and watch TV.

Austrian Energy Agency

The Austrian Energy Agency offers answers for the future of energy. We provide scientifically founded advice for decisionmakers in politics, business and administration. Our strategic focus is on achieving a fossil-free future, shifting the energy system towards smart energy, and supporting the resulting transformation of energy-related industries. The Austrian Energy Agency manages programmes and campaigns, provides advice on energy programmes and participates in various projects as project coordinator or partner. Our core competence is energy efficiency, responsibility for our climate and environment is a permanent feature of our organization. Unavoidable emissions such as those caused by business trips we offset with Climate Austria.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is well aware of its responsibility towards the climate and the environment. Austrian Airlines’ corporate culture revolves around doing business in a sustainable and responsible way. Thanks to the collaboration with Climate Austria, Austrian Airlines gives its clients the opportunity of compensating for CO2 emissions caused by their trip at the time of booking.

Austria Glas Recycling GmbH

Austria Glas Recycling (AGR) collects and recycles used glass containers throughout Austria. It relies on Climate Austria to offset emissions associated with trips made by AGR employees.

Artisan Wines

Artisan Wines is a collaboration partner of Climate Austria and produces a large variety of CO2 neutral white and red wines in Halbturn/Burgenland. The company offsets CO2 emissions released during the wine production process.

Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism offsets CO2 emissions for most of its business trips.

Cooltours GmbH

A responsible approach to nature is a conscious decision that can also be implemented when travelling. In line with our corporate philosophy of sustainability and CSR we would like to encourage our customers to minimise their Ecological Footprint and compensate the CO2 emissions caused by the journey. Thanks to Climate Austria we are getting one step closer to climate neutrality.


Danone is committed to sustainable development and believes in carbon-neutral production. Inevitable CO2 emissions associated with business trips by plane or car are compensated for via Climate Austria.

"Der Service Gärtner" landscaping service

Established in 2000, "Der Service Gärtner" is a service for nature-respecting landscaping and high-quality gardening services for private clients. The company lives and breathes this commitment to nature by not using any artificial plant protection products or inorganic fertilizers. In addition, all corporate trips have been carbon-neutral since 2014. In addition, the company also invests in comprehensive employee training. For "Der Service Gärnter," it makes sense to collaborate with Climate Austria because it is a fitting complement for the company's sustainability-related activities.


Since 2011, all business trips taken by Energiewerkstatt employees are offset with Climate Austria, which supports national climate protection projects.

Feuerbestattung Oberösterreich/Cremation Upper Austria

Cremations have an exemplary ecological footprint. During the technical planning phase, Feuerbestattung Upper Austria made sure to use sophisticated filters to achieve maximum emission reduction. This is a one-of-a-kind environmental and energy concept that minimizes the carbon footprint of the deceased. Feuerbestattung Oberösterreich has teamed up with Climate Austria to guarantee that a person's last footprint is done in a highly responsible way. Since February 2016, all cremations have carbon-neutral.

Flughafen Wien AG/Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport strongly believes in corporate social responsibility and in a mindful interaction with the environment and society. This is why Vienna Airport has been supporting projects such as "Climate Austria" dedicated to environmental protection since 2008. The airport has also taken initiatives to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Grasl Druck & Neue Medien/Grasl Printing & New Media

Grasl has been a collaboration partner of Climate Austria since the very beginning. Its Fair Print option gives clients the opportunity of having their print products produced in a climate-neutral way.

Gutwinski Management GmbH

Gutwinski Management is a consulting firm for environmental and occupational safety projects, the developer of the gutwin legal management software as well as a seminar organizer. Protecting the environment is an inherent part of the company's corporate culture. It compensates for inevitable CO2 emissions by using the services of Climate Austria.

Kabran Verpflegungssysteme/Kabran Vending Machines

In the past few years, KABRAN Verpflegungssysteme has evolved to become a continuously growing provider of vending machines in eastern Austria. This makes the family-owned business a reliable a no-nonsense partner for its clients. Climate Austria has been helping Kabran offset its corporate emissions since 2014.


Since its establishment, MAM has focused on well-being, safety and health for the next generation. MAM manufactures products that calm babies aged 0 to 3 years, help with nursing and feeding and thus have a positive impact on children's teeth. Long-term thinking and acting is a key element at the family-owned business MAM, whether it's financially, socially or environmentally. All business-related air and car travel can be offset thanks to the company’s collaboration with Climate Austria. By doing so, we are taking yet another step in making our Austria-based company a climate-neutral business.

MODUL University Vienna

The MODUL University Vienna is a modern university with an international focus and English as the primary language. Sustainability, CSR and the careful use of resources are key elements of all study plans and an inherent part of corporate daily business. Inevitable business trips (train, car, air) are offset in collaboration with Climate Austria.

Austrian Post

Austrian Post implemented carbon-neutral delivery for all its items in 2011. The company compensates for those CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided by making donations earmarked for climate protection. A share of these voluntary contributions goes to national climate projection projects via Climate Austria.


Phidelity is an Austrian technology Start-up that is specialized in selling wood headphones. Even though domestic production has not yet been realized due to the company's recent history, Phidelity compensates for the CO2 emissions of foreign production and the transport of the wooden headphones to Austria. Through its cooperation with Climate Austria, Phidelity aims to help make the technology industry more ecologic and demonstrate that sustainability has a place in every company.

Puaschitz IT GmbH

Puaschitz IT GmbH is the perfect example that green thinking and IT are not mutually exclusive. True to a "green IT" spirit, Puaschitz offsets all CO2 emissions released during business trips and energy consumption at its offices.

Raiffeisen Bausparkasse Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of Raiffeisen’s business philosophy. For Raiffeisen, it is only natural to make a contribution to climate protection. It was an easy decision for us to support a forestry project in Zimbabwe: the project's main aspects–sustainability and increased quality of life for the local population–also describe our financing products. This allows our clients to make a contribution to climate protection in addition to owning their dream home.

Skarabela Fahrschule/Skarabela Driving School

Easy Drivers - Skarabela Driving School in Groß-Enzersdorf (Lower Austria) believes in sustainability. Among many activities to support this goal, it relies on electric cars for teaching purposes in an effort to reduce reservations regarding e-mobility. The company produces electricity from its own photovoltaic facility and from water. All inevitable CO2 emissions released during driver education are offset with Climate Austria.

City of Vienna

The printing facilities (magistrate department 21) and the energy planning service (magistrate department 20) have taken carbon-neutral printing to the next level. Oftentimes, CO2 emissions cannot be avoided altogether. However, such emissions can be compensated for elsewhere. For this purpose, every product is matched with a CO2 value per kilo of printed matter and the compensation contribution is automatically included in the price. This collected contribution is primarily used for climate protection projects in Vienna.

STAPPERT Fleischmann

STAPPERT Fleischmann is a leading stockholding distributor of stainless, highly corrosion and heat-resistant steels with direct access to 20,000 products and is the competent partner for stainless steel requirements. Every year, despite avoidance and reduction, logistics operations emit unavoidable CO2. In a pilot project, the CO2 emissions of two standard tours were determined and compensated in cooperation with Climate Austria.  


TREEDAY is a "Green Lifestyle Guide" and CSR reporting tool. This online sustainability platform connects consumers and companies that support a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. TREEDAY not only offsets all business trips via Climate Austria, but it also helps other businesses make its sustainability initiatives visible to their clients and serve as an example to follow.

Verband Druck & Medientechnik/Association Printing and Media Technology

The Association "Printing and Media Technology" helped establish the "print CO2-neutral" certificate in collaboration with Climate Austria. Printing businesses use the calculator provided by the association to determine their CO2 emissions and compensate for them via Climate Austria.

Verkehrsbüro Business Travel

Verkehrsbüro Business Travel is an expert for professional business trip management. Its service portfolio includes all aspects of business trips as well as related consultation services. Everything is geared towards a mindful and sustainable use of resources. The company compiles its reports and recommendations about CO2 emissions in collaboration with Climate Austria.

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

WU is an international university that is very aware of its responsibility to society and the environment and acts conscientiously in all that it does. Sustainability has always been one of the key guiding principles in planning, building, and operating the WU campus. WU has now made another important step forward in this area by becoming CO2 neutral. WU is now Austria’s first climate-neutral university.

Carbon-neutral events

Carbon-neutral events

Among other events, Climate Austria has compensated for the CO2 emissions of the 2017 Municipal Summer Talks in Bad Aussee and the 2017 ÖGUT Annual Reception. The compensation covers all emissions released during the transport to and from the event venue as well as the energy consumption during the event.

Calculating the carbon footprint:

Climate Austria calculated the CO2 emissions for the Annual Conference of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Economic Forum in Warsaw. This included the calculation of CO2 emissions for all air travel and energy consumption of approximately 4,000 participants. Subsequently, all emissions were offset via a climate protection project in Poland.