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Be accountable to the environment. Offset

While CO2 emissions cannot always be avoided, offsetting them is always an option. Determine your carbon dioxide emissions now with the CO2 calculator by Climate Austria! 

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Climate protection is our core competence.

Climate Austria offers sound expertise and professional support for the path to climate neutrality, relying on more than 25 years of experience in national and international climate protection projects.

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Climate protection for businesses.

Climate protection has moved into the spotlight of the general public. As a result, businesses are increasingly being judged by the climate action they take. 

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Support climate projects around the world!

Climate Austria offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to make a personal and voluntary contribution to environmental protection. Your financial compensation will depend on your individual CO2 emissions and will go directly towards domestic or international climate protection projects.

Calculating the amount
to protect the climate made easy

Taking responsibility for the environment and future generations is quite simple. Climate Austria provides a CO2 calculator paired with personalized assistance for your personal journey towards CO2 neutrality.

For businesses

Climate Austria offers businesses customized compensation solutions for processes, mobility, and energy consumption. In addition, Climate Austria provides options for organizing climate-friendly events such as company celebrations, trade fairs, and conferences.

COcalculator for Businesses

For individuals

The generation of electricity, heating, hot water as well as fossil-fueled transport all cause carbon dioxide emissions. Climate Austria allows you to offset unavoidable CO2 emissions and make your private life more climate friendly.

COCalculator for individuals

For flights

Every trip, whether it's for pleasure or business, causes CO2. This is all the more true if you travel by plane. Use Climate Austria to calculate the CO2 emissions generated by your air travel and offset them by making a voluntary payment.

CO2-Calculator for flights

More about us.

Climate Austria is one of the leading carbon offset providers in Austria and is managed by Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC). KPC relies on many years' experience with climate protection projects in Austria and abroad.

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Higher impact for businesses

Climate protection is becoming increasingly important for consumers. The same is true for the B2B sector. Not surprisingly, when it comes to a company's corporate social responsibility, climate protection action has a positive effect on its public image.

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Highest standards for all projects

Rigorous principles apply to all domestic and international climate protection projects supported by Climate Austria. One of them is maximum transparency for project implementation and the use of funds.

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Companies that lead the way

Since Climate Austria was founded, numerous companies in a wide range of industries have opted for a long-term partnership and voluntary CO2 compensation:

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Climate Austria annual report 2021 now online

19. May 2022
Climate Austria

Vienna Stock Exchange is Climate Austria's new cooperation partner

21. December 2021

Vienna Stock Exchange on the way to a CO2-neutral future

Climate Austria

SalzburgMilch supports Climate Austria climate protection projects

23. September 2021
Climate Austria

Almdudler cooperates with Climate Austria on CO2 compensation

23. August 2021

Austrian projects offset Almdudler's carbon footprint

Climate Austria

Consulting. Funding.

We are specialists in climate and environmental protection projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility management, urban water management, protective water management and remediation of contaminated sites. Discover all our pages now.

Climate Austria

Climate Austria is a platform for the financial compensation of CO2 emissions. We rely on our many years' expertise to manage support programs and provide targeted consulting services that make a real difference for climate protection while promoting environmental, economic, and social development.

Environmental subsidies

Our main business area revolves around the implementation of customized funding programs for climate and environmental protection. We act as the interface between you and the providers of funds and guide you through the funding process.


On the consulting side, we work for renowned international and national organizations and financial institutions. Among others, we conduct market studies, provide capacity development and policy advice, and implement complex projects